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SINCE 2010!
We've loved every minute of our journey

About Me

Asalaam alaikum!
Thank you for visiting our online boutique.
My name is Sandra Herrera founder of Muslim Elegance, I'm a Mexican living in Egypt and a Muslim since 2005 Alhamdulillah!

Our Story

Was born after seeing the struggle of many Muslim Brides seeking and paying way too much! For a hijab style to use on their wedding day, I had the idea of creating a ready to wear hijab that can be easily worn without the need of pins or have to put together several pieces or veils in order to achieve the look that you want, not to mention the time and money you have to spend if you decide to hire a hijab stylist to achieve the perfect hijab style for your special occasion.

The first hijab ready to wear that I made was for myself because even when I converted to Islam several years ago I still find it difficult to wrap the hijab by myself, I loved the result and so was born Muslim Elegance.

Our Name

The name came in honor of Muslim Women, especially brides and the Elegance of the Muslim Dress, combining these factors emerged our beautiful name MUSLIM ELEGANCE.

 Why Choose Us?

While others charge you with stratospheric fees for a luxurious packaging, publicity and shipping fees included already in the cost of their hijabs, At Muslim Elegance we focus on craftsmanship and design , we care about your experience wearing a hijab made by us, we put special attention to every detail of the design you have dreamed about and we make it ready to wear. 

We may not be the only one in the Ready to Wear Hijabs Market but we are the Best and easiest to wear.

Forget folding, gluing, attaching and pinning scarves or embellishments, Our Hijabs are created in such a way that you only need to slip them on your head and that's it!

We custom made our hijabs with the design of your choose to match the style of your dress and make you look Amazing! We are also conscious of the expenses of getting married therefore we give you the best advises and options according your budget.

If you need any more information about our work, We will be pleased to talk with you to discuss your exact needs and how we can help. 


Muslim Elegance was established to meet the needs of Muslim women in daily life as well for special occasions aimed to those living in non-Muslim countries where it is difficult to find the hijabs and clothing that Islam orders. 

We always try to find the perfect look with Elegance, offering you the latest fashion items, trends and amazing details at great prices.

Muslim Elegance has a beautiful collection of READY TO WEAR BRIDAL & PARTY HIJABS, hijab wear,bridal accessories and much more.

All our products are handmade and custom-made by order exclusively for you!
We also provide a unique Line of Soiree Lycra body to be worn under your Gown adding a touch of luxury to your look

Muslim Elegance Operates only on Internet, to place any order please visit the "How to Order" section in this page.

■ We accept payments through WesternUnion.
■ Carefully read our Terms & Conditions before place any order, if you have any questions please contact us.

Thanks so much for choosing us!

Sand H.   /   Muslim Elegance team.

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Hello We are Muslim Elegance, We specialize in designing Bridal and Party Hijabs ready to wear, We have the latest hijab styles, easy to wear and customized to mach with your gown! WITH OUR HIJABS YOU DON'T NEED TO USE PINS, THEY ARE READY TO WEAR, MADE JUST TO SLIP THEM ON YOUR HEAD AND THAT'S IT!, DON'T NEED TO ATTACH ANY PIECES OR TIE IT YOURSELF. For more information please contact us (thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com) or use the "Contact us" form in this blog To check our catalog visit us on FaceBook Muslim Elegance